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Woman sleeping in her bed

Night supports

Comfortable support while you sleep

Man wrapping his wrist with sports tape

Sports tape

Support and protect weak and injured joints

Woman wearing bandage, playing baseball


Provide compression to injuries

Woman working on her laptop

Women's supports

Benefit from support made for women, designed by women

Man playing basketball with a brace on his elbow


Give compression and external stabilization to injured ligaments, tendons and muscles

Man with a compression sleeve sitting on stairs with a woman

Compression sleeves

Provide mild support
Man with a hot and cold compress on his knee

Hot and cold therapy

Deliver therapeutic hot and cold treatment to injured areas
Man using a jigsaw

Everyday support

Feel good and be at your very best during work, life or play
Several bike riders at the finish line of a race

Tensor™ Sport

Perform at your best in sports and high-intensity activities
A jogger on a dirt road

Tensor™ Platinum

High-performance support and comfort for all-day wear